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With Infinity User Stories template you'll keep your user stories thoroughly organized and stay on track with your product development organization.
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Document, track, and monitor every suggestion, feedback, or idea you get from customers or executives and turn them into backlog notes, tasks, and sprints. Utilize the user stories template to close the circle of your product development organization and stay on track with your customers' needs.

Using our User Stories template, you can:

  • Write and manage user stories

  • Assign team members to each story and track their progress

  • Have ICE Score automatically calculated for each story

  • Filter, group, and sort stories by status or role

Benefits of Using Our User Stories Template

  • Execute sprints better and faster

  • Keep all relevant information in a single place

  • Manage team workload and track task progress

  • Collect and organize feedback and suggestions

How to Use This Template

  • Create a new story in the User Stories folder. Write the story in the Story field and create a checklist of all acceptance criteria.

  • Add Impact, Confidence, and Ease attributes to each story. The premade formula will automatically calculate the ICE Score based on the input.

  • Assign one or more team members to the story task.

  • Use the Columns view to organize tasks into To Do, Doing, and Done columns.

  • Use the Group feature to group tasks by status, role, assignee, impact, or other attributes.

  • You can use the Filter feature to display only tasks that meet certain criteria (i.e. filter tasks with Impact greater than 8 to determine priorities).

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