Make It Simple With Infinity Templates

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Order Tracker

Whether you’re the owner of an e-commerce website or you’re managing an actual physical store, you’ll need to make sure to keep track of the customer orders.

Having a well-organized database of all the orders that go through your store is crucial for keeping tabs on the whole sales process.

With Infinity’s Order Tracker template you’ll be able to streamline the ordering process and keep all the important information in one place.

Track details such as the customer shipping addresses, product models sold, quantity of goods sold, shipping status, total prices of orders, arrival dates, and much more. With the Reference attribute, you’ll also be able to link your order tracker with the product inventory and thus keep all the information about products and sales in one place.

Sales CRM

If you want your sales process to run like clockwork, you’ll need a tried and true strategy that lets you keep track of all the important aspects.

Infinity’s Sales CRM template will help you make sure that the process runs smoothly every time.

A good sales CRM template needs to account for numerous different details. You’ll need to know who your leads are, what is their status, who is your person of contact, which team member is responsible for each particular lead. Plus you’ll have many other details such as dates, predicted amounts, metrics and so on. All of these elements need to be tied together in one place so your whole sales team can have a clear view of the plan.

Use Infinity’s table to build a transparent and coherent CRM, link related information with references and keep track of important dates in the calendar.