Course Planning

Whether you’re an elementary school teacher, a college professor, a language teacher, a tutor or anything in between, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for every lesson so you can make the most of each class and give your students the best education possible.

This Infinity Course Planning template will help you get rid of all your notebooks, workbooks and notes and keep all your plans in one digital place where you can easily find it each time you need it.

You can organize a course outline in this template or even plan each and every lesson, together with a lesson outline, your lesson plan, and all important files you’ll need. Plus, you can include dates and labels to neatly organize every detail of the courses you’re teaching.

Attendance Tracker

Instead of tracking attendance for different classes, courses, activities, and other events using the old-school pen-and-paper method, why not switch to an easy-to-use digital table and make the entire process more simple?

Our Attendance Tracker template will help you keep track of who is coming to your classes, who is missing out on important activities, and if they can get extra credit for attending your events on most of the days. You can also use this template as an easy way for your employees to check in when they're at work or when they're not available.

This template comes in the form of a table with a name column and checkboxes that represent days in a month, meaning that you can duplicate it whenever you need to for other months in the upcoming year.