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Project Brainstorming Template

Use Infinity’s Project Brainstorming template to make your team’s creative juices flowing, collect and organize ideas, and turn those ideas into solutions.
Project Brainstorming
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Do you sometimes feel like your team brainstorming sessions are unfocused and poorly organized? How do you get to a point where the whole team can get their ideas out in the open, add these ideas to a collaborative board, explain them in a crystal clear way, and finally put these ideas into action?  By using Infinity’s visually pleasing Project Brainstorming template, of course!

This template will spark the entire team’s creativity and free-thinking, and encourage everyone to generate out-of-the-box ideas and share opinions from diverse perspectives instead of shying away from speaking up.

Use this Project Brainstorming template to:

  • Add new ideas anytime, anywhere, 

  • Schedule brainstorming sessions by the team, 

  • Organize ideas by teams, topics, votes, or whatever attribute that matters,

  • Add context to each and every idea on the board. 

Benefits of Using Our Project Brainstorming Template

  • Create a structured, repeatable brainstorming process,

  • Brainstorm even without meetings by simply writing down ideas, leaving comments, and voting, 

  • Make everyone’s voice heard, 

  • Create a synergy between your team members,

  • Finally, find solutions, overcome obstacles, and produce stellar results. 

How to Use This Template 

  • Load the Project Brainstorming template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Add all your ideas to one folder and invite people from your team and other teams to vote and comment on these ideas, 

  • Assign statuses to each idea on the list, rate them by effort and impact, create a list of subtasks for each idea approved, set start and end dates, or choose between other attributes Infinity offers,

  • Schedule brainstorming sessions, invite relevant people, and write down notes during or after each meeting, 

  • Get even more visual by adding images and other media to the moodboard and explain your ideas in a better, more approachable way. 

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