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Organize everything design-related in one place, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with your team, and stay on top of deadlines with Infinity's Design templates.

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Project Management

Our Project Management template will help you manage your projects from start to finish, and successfully execute them. Switch between 8 different views including Gantt charts and Kanban boards to keep track of progress and manage deadlines. Delegate tasks, create automations, keep everyone up-to-date, and a lot more.

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Web Design

Coordinating all design assets, wireframes, high-priority tasks, and an entire team of designers (especially if they’re working remotely) is never an easy feat. Luckily, our Web Design template is here to simplify the entire process, help you keep everything you need in a single place, and ensure all designers collaborate without a hassle.

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Design Sprint

Use Infinity’s Design Sprint template to quickly move from ideation to prototyping by following a well-established 5-step process. Define sprint goals and KPIs, decide on the best design ideas, develop prototypes, and test them with your audience. Use the agile approach to get better results and make better products.

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