Simple Templates

Simple Kanban

One of the most popular methods of task tracking is definitely the Kanban board. Simple yet powerful, this simple Kanban template will allow you to visualize your workflow and track your progress easily, no matter how many tasks and team members are involved.

Add folders to the equation and classify your work into current sprint, backlog and archive. That way you’ll be able to keep your board tidy even if you have a lot of tasks on your hands.

Simple Task List

We all have different workflows and management systems, but when handling tasks, there’s something super appealing about a list. It just works. That’s why even the most evolved project management tools make sure to keep the list as one of the views.

With this template, you can quickly shoot tasks out of your head until you’ve made a list and then customize them later. You’ll also be able to track progress easily by using folders and grouping.

Simple Calendar

Whether you’re organizing tasks and need to keep track of the deadlines, working on an editorial calendar, or just need to keep tabs on your appointments, a calendar will be of huge help.

Upgrade this simple calendar template to fit your needs, and make sure to combine it with folders and other views to keep clutter away.

Simple Table

There’s a good reason why spreadsheet view is so popular - it allows you to see large sets of data and analyze them at a glance. Use Infinity’s simple table template to track tasks, goals, leads, finances and much more.

With Infinity’s table, you won’t need to juggle between other spreadsheet tools to keep track of your data. Just fill in your table and combine this view with a list or with Columns to visualize your data in different ways.