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Sometimes you’ll want to keep things simple. Use Infinity’s simple templates to organize simple processes in one of Infinity’s four views - Kanban, List, Calendar or Table.

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Simple Kanban

Kanban is arguably one of the most popular agile methods of task tracking. This Simple Kanban template will let you visualize your workflow and track progress easily, no matter how many tasks and team members are involved. You can add folders to the equation and divide your work into sprint, backlog, and archive sections.

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Simple Task List

From chores to simple work projects, the Simple Task List template will enable you to write down every task and customize your list using folders, grouping, sorting, and filtering. If you’re working in a team, it’s easy to invite others to work with you and assign them tasks from your list. Forgot to send an invoice or take out the trash? Never again with this template.

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Simple Calendar

There’s no need to go overboard when planning your time. Sometimes, all it takes is something as simple as this Simple Calendar template to keep track of anything from project deadlines to birthdays. Add events to the calendar with a single click and customize them by adding anything you need from meeting notes to addresses or telephone numbers.

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Simple Table

The Simple Table template may be simple, but it lets you choose from 21 custom attributes like numbers, attachments, or dates, or add labels and coloring to table fields to keep them clutter-free. It’s easy to filter, group, or sort data based on custom criteria, so you can hide columns or rows you don’t need.

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